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What is is an extensive people search engine that offers people Search and people related information. People Search searches across millions of social network profiles, Web Search, Public Records, Phone Records, Email Records & Property Records. On the web, it uses the power of people's tags and bookmarks to influence lookup results. Search

What is Search? People focussed Search is a way to find the online & offline identity of your friends and contacts. People Search searches across millions of profiles in popular social networks (such as Facebook). We support that and are working tirelessly on making sure that experience is the best in the world. However we also recognize that people are looking for many reasons such as unknown phone callers, lost contacts, property history etc. You can leave messages for people on their public walls.

There are many different ways that you can use People Search. You can use it to find professional and work contacts, as well as school friends that you've lost contact with. You can find people by phone, location, email, and so on. searches across a growing number of social networks and communities to help you find just the right person.

Where does get the profile information that is shown in People Search? gets the profile information from crawling the web, through partnerships with networks and user generated information. People Search displays information that is publicly viewable at the time that extracted the data. This means that if you change the information on your profile after has crawled it, the change will not be displayed in People Search until crawls your profile again.

Can I find phone numbers and addresses on
Yes, People Search is an excellent way to find people's online & offline identities, all in one place.

There's an offensive comment on my public wall that I don't want to see any more. What do I do?
You can block any offensive comment by flagging it in the Public Wall page. This will notify us to review the comment.

Why can't I find my friend's profile on's People Search?
There are a few reasons that this might be happening.

  1. Your friend doesn't have a profile on social networks.
  2. hasn't crawled your friend's information yet.

General FAQ

How do I find the exact person I am looking for?
We made extremely easy to use so you can find your subject quickly. Each search page will list what you can search by. For example on our people search you can search by name, address, or phone number to locate your subject. When you get your results back you can click on each name until you are sure you have found who you are looking for. You may want to then purchase a report on your subject. Our background checks are extremely comprehensive. They provide the maximum information that is available to consumers.

I get so many results, which one is my subject?
If you are searching on a fairly common name, you may very well get back 100 results, even when selecting a state. When this happens you will want to further refine your criteria. Try entering a city that they have lived in. This should lower the search results to a more manageable level, allowing you to positively identify your subject.

What products does offer?
The core of our business is our people search. It is unrivaled in the industry. Find just about anyone in the US in under a second. We list all aliases, cities, and relatives of each search result in order to make it easier to positively identify your subject. We offer criminal background checks, property records, marriage & divorce records, unclaimed money, public filings, and many other products.

Why should I buy from
We have the largest collection of public records available. Our information is updated monthly and is highly accurate. Our background checks cross-reference over 2 dozen individual databases and scan over 5 billion records to create the most complete report available to consumers. Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. Our dedicated team of customer support specialists are here to answer all of your questions and to make sure you find exactly what you're looking for.

How do I contact customer support?
Please click here to contact customer support.

How do I search by name?
Enter the name of your subject. You can also enter a city and state or zip in the location filter box.

Example Input:

How do I search by phone number?
Enter the 10 digit phone number.

Example Input:

How do I search by address?
Enter the full address in the search box. You can search with zip code, or city and state.

Example Input:
1234 S18th st 95888
1234 S18th sfo ca
1234 S18th #4 95888
1234 S18th #4 sfo ca
po box 1234 95888
p.o. box 1234 sfo ca

I got an error when ordering, did I get charged?
If there was a problem with processing your order and you received an error message, you should contact customer support right away so they can fix the problem.

If I give you my email are you going to spam me?
No! When you purchase a product from for the first time, we require a valid email address. In order to better serve you we need to be able to communicate with you. Don't worry, we aren't going to give out your email address to anyone!

Do I need cookies enabled to use this site?
Yes, this site requires that you have cookies enabled. Certain security programs like Norton and others have "features" that block cookies. This will absolutely degrade your internet surfing experience as almost all sites make use of cookies. We use cookies to improve your browsing experience. They are not used to get your personal information. We use them to save the sort you have selected, or to check to see if you are logged in, things like that.

Some Search Ideas!

  • Send Your Old Flame an E-mail
    Now, makes it easier than ever to find and contact people. Use an address,name, phone or email to search our database of more than 500 million records. You are already on the computer, what are you waiting for? Reconnect with someone special from your past today.
  • Moving? Perform a Background Check on Your New House and Neighborhood. is a great way to check out a new neighborhood before you move. Lookup address search is also a great way to check out the history of the homes around you. Enter an address of a neighboring home or apartment to get a up to 30 year old history of people associated with each address searched.
  • Search an Old Address people search tool allows you to use any address as search criteria. Simply enter an address and will return a list of names and business associated with the address searched, for the past 30 years! It's a great way to find people from your old neighborhood.
  • Find People using Roommates and Relatives
    Each people search returns a list of possible relatives and/or roommates. Use your membership to lookup all relatives and roommates listed with the person you are searching for. Often, family members and roommates are the best way to get in contact with the person you are searching for.
  • Find Anyone people search allows users to search using only last name only. This can be extremely helpful when searching for females. For instance, a woman that you knew 20 years ago has married or divorced. Therefore, searching by last name and later narrow resultset by date-of-birth, first name and then refining the search by city and state will most often lead to the person you are searching for.
  • People Search Accuracy
    Accuracy can easily be improved in your people search results by using all of the information that you have available, including small bits of people profile data. None of the search characteristics that you have on your people search subject should ever be considered worthless. Even an address from 20 years ago can help you locate a missing person. Test these "threads" of information at
  • Searching Divorce and Child Support Cases
    Using People Search can help you avoid costly attorney's fees. When pursuing a divorce or child support case, you can pay for a law firm's research into last known as address or work address location OR you can do the exact same thing yourself. A people search service like Lookup can help you locate the subject of your legal dispute whereupon you can provide this information to your attorney.
  • Find Lost Friends and Relatives for Family or Class Reunions
    Have you been put in charge of finding relatives or locating childhood friends for a family or class reunion? At, first, finding the lost people in your life may seem like an impossible task. Instead of paying for individual name searches from an online people search site, you can save time, money and your sanity by purchasing a 24-hour membership at Lookup.
  • Background Screening on a Budget
    You can avoid expensive public records investigators or outside search service fees by conducting background checks on dates, friends, or business associates yourself. You will save money on these checks by purchasing an annual membership with an online people search service like Lookup.
  • Understand Your People Search Tool
    Did you know that a criminal check, background check, and a people search are actually three different types of people searches? It is wise to know exactly what each type of information a background search will yield before purchasing it. Get a free preview at Lookup to key in one the different options available to you.
  • Finding Unclaimed Money, For Real
    Save yourself from possible financial and identity theft by authenticating an unclaimed money notice through a reputable search company. If you hear "good news" from an unknown source that claims you are making money, don't take it at face value. Confirm your good fortune with a People Search on Lookup.
  • Use a Phone Number in Your People Search
    Social Security Numbers are nine digits long, are unique to an individual, and are a great way to search for someone. However, many people don't realize that a unique ten digit number, a person's telephone number, can be just as valuable in a people search. It is possible that a phone number from 30 years ago could yield current contact information for the person you are searching for. Type it into the Phone Search at Lookup and see what you find.
  • Recycle Old Information in Your People Search
    Think Green when it comes to conducting a people search. Almost any piece of identifying information that you have on your search subject can prove useful in finding them. So don't throw away those old addresses or phone numbers! Reclaim those old friends at!
  • Need to Find a Person? Call a People Finder.
    Never hesitate to ask an Internet people search professional to assist you in your search for missing persons, criminal checks, bankruptcies and court cases or general background checks.
  • Use an Alias or Maiden Name in your People Search
    Aliases can be very useful in locating a former boyfriend or girlfriend. If you don't have the given birth name, try using other names or nicknames that person may use. If you are looking for a female, try her maiden name.

Need more help?

I have a question that isn't covered here. What do I do?
I have a question that isn't covered here. What do I do?
If you have a question that isn't covered in this FAQ, please join our Discussion Group and submit your question there. If your question is private and you don't want to share it openly, then please contact us using our feedback form.